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The Card Game

For Couples

The only card game that gets your relationship on the same page. 



What Is It? 

Glad you asked. WhoIs? Is a game for you to find out who knows who best in your relationship. It’s the perfect date night game for just the two of you or to play with groups of your favorite couples. Have fun learning more about your relationship, while challenging your knowledge of one another. 

What's Inside:


180 Question Cards


10 Answer Cards


Instruction Manual

WhoIs? Is perfect for date nights, weddings, engagement parties, game nights, and more!

How To Play


What Others

Are Saying

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I bought this for my girlfriend and I to play and we have had so much fun. We are so busy with our lives and this game was a nice step away for us. We keep them in the car and read a few while we commute. This game is exactly as advertised, with few questions we haven't thought asking. It really promotes us thinking and asking further questions to find out who we are both together.

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Me and my girlfriend were looking for new ideas for a date night. We tried other games but this was by far our favorite. Since then we have played with some of our friends and had a blast doing it!  Everyone has seemed to learn more about their relationship which is just an added bonus on top of all the fun we have had!  

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Great idea for a game night with our friends! We originally got it for just us, but when we played with other couples it became so funny!  We were able to play again with our friends and even our family. It reminded me of that TikTok game.Definitely would recommend to any couple no matter how long you’ve been together!!

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 I gave this to my boyfriend as one of his Valentines gifts, not knowing what he would think of it. He ended up loving it, especially the more intimate cards which we had a lot of fun with! We have played several times since there are so many cards to go through. 100% would recommend considering it's the same price as a round of drinks and wayyyy more fun. 

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